University of Utah partnership to promote higher education.

The Ute Indian Tribe's goals are two -fold: first , to build genuine respect and understanding of the Tribe's history, culture and contributions to the state (past, current and future); and second, to have the University assist tribal members in helping their children lead healthy lives and be prepared to pursue a college education.

The University agrees to work with the Ute Indian Tribe to create enrichment and educational opportunities for the Ute Indian Tribal Member youth, both on the reservation  and on the University campus. Programs include, activities for summer youth programs, educational pathways to Tribal students and parents, with the main goal of increasing college attendance.

The University will assist Ute Indian Tribal member students and their families with application and admissions process, and once on campus the University will provide help and support for the Ute Indian Tribal Member students to enhance social, economic, and academic success.   

Martha, U of U – Ute Tribe Liaison


Education focus on Ute school, culture and community.

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